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High Performing Coach Ryan Mathie Explains 5 Reasons Why Your Clients Aren’t Seeing Results

People work with coaches to see results. They pay top dollar to see shifts in their lives and to be guided to breakthrough – to walk out of their sessions with new insight and a different perspective on their life and goals. So how do we ensure clients experience results?

Ryan Mathie is an author, coach, and the CEO of High Performing Coach. His company’s tagline is “Where passionate coaches create results,” and he has over 20,000 hours of coaching and training experience, working with more than 2,000 people over the last decade. He partners with coaches and leaders from around the world who want to create coaching businesses that are powerful, profitable, and most importantly, results driven. In essence, his work is about helping train clients to understand the mechanics of being human to create better results.

If you spend time on his company’s YouTube channel watching him coach or listening to his podcasts, you very quickly get a glimpse into his view of coaching. He is high impact, direct, clear, and uses powerful conversations to help his clients break through their limiting beliefs and ultimately to get them to work with him to create a business that produces results for both the coach and their clients.

We spent some time with the Scottish-born personal development expert and entrepreneur to share his expertise and asked him for five reasons why your clients don’t see results.


For your client to be seeing results you need to be having powerful coaching conversations. You need to be asking questions that create awareness and change, and facilitate those breakthrough moments that allow the coach to see themselves beyond their limiting beliefs.

A coach needs to be razor sharp and focused in each session. You have to show up for your client. This means working on your coaching and growing your potency as a coach to be as powerful in each session as you can be. Partnering with an experienced mentor to be a more formidable coach is essential. “There are so many coaches out there that don’t have a coach and it is like being a dentist that doesn’t have someone checking your teeth,” says Ryan. “It is fundamentally broken, and it won’t work.”

“If you don’t have a coach of your own, you either don’t believe in the power of coaching, you’ve forgotten the power of coaching or you’ve simply yet to experience the power of deep and transformational coaching, because if you truly were present to the power of what’s available with a coach in your corner, you would have at least one. Me? I have always had an army of incredible coaches and mentors around me in one form or another because I get the power of coaching and I want that in my life – always.”


Ryan believes you must deal with what is getting in your way of stepping into your power and purpose of your coaching business. He insists that coaches should “lean in and challenge yourself, breakthrough and transcend every single barrier that stands in your way and then you will be able to empower your clients to do the same in the most unique and incredible way. Be relentless about this and understand we’re never done.”

Ryan took the time to do the work for himself and continues to do so. He spent two years before he started coaching “going deep inside,” as he calls it. “I was just really cleaning up my life and starting to get real with myself,” he admits.

“A coach should never get stagnant. The process of improving yourself and your craft should be a top priority. We need to be looking within constantly, making sure that we are examining our own blocks and barriers, and breaking through these to show up for our clients from a more commanding place within ourselves. I refer to this as being the real deal and it’s undeniable to be in the presence of this kind of vibrational energy. You feel it and want more, your clients feel it and want the same and your results and impact show it too.”


In his extensive coaching experience, Ryan often sees that coaches get stuck on focusing on strategy, which is the external game. To create an incredible set of results, you as a coach must also focus on the internal game, which is your mindset and your beliefs. Your view of yourself as a coach can be what is holding your client back.

“The beliefs we have shape the feelings we feel and the actions we take. So, it is very important that we are present to what we are feeling and what we are believing,” he says.

Ryan emphasizes the need to be regularly assessing a view of oneself and the influence within to be able to affect change. Believing in the ‘why,’ and your efficacy will facilitate real growth in your client.

“Limiting Beliefs is like a made-up story, usually in the form of some form of lack or unworthiness. I’m not ready; I’m not capable; I’m inadequate; I’m not good enough; I don’t deserve. Those deeper limiting beliefs start shaping what we are able to do, bringing a huge amount of resistance against what we are capable of doing, what we naturally want to do in the world – thrive. If we are stuck in a belief structure that is telling us we are not good enough, then we are not going to create exceptional results for we get what we believe. Many coaches might be reading this saying ‘I know that’ but there’s a difference between knowing, and applying that knowledge. See for yourself and apply it rigorously.”


Coaches need coaches. It’s as simple as that for Ryan. Working in an environment there is a need to continuously address other people’s needs, and consistently maintaining a coaching presence can be gruelling. Ryan believes you have got to be part of a powerful accountability structure so you can “have your feet held to the fire” and as a result, move past what’s stopping you and take the right action.

“Coaching is a unique business that requires a huge amount of authenticity, vulnerability, courage and powerful coaching skills,” he says. “Those who recognize they need help and make this an urgent priority are the ones that create success with more ease and a lot more velocity,”.


“I mentioned this already and I want to say it again so it lands – being a high performing coach is about being the real deal,” he says.

Ryan sees so many coaches who are great at empowering others in what to do, supporting clients to face their fears, and encouraging people to invest in themselves to improve. But when it comes to them doing it for themselves, they can often fall short due to being stuck with the very same fears their clients are stuck in.

“Now, that’s not the real deal, nothing wrong, it’s just not what it is to be a coach” says Ryan. “The real deal is that you do everything you ask your clients to do, but not just once or twice, you do it a million times over. You’re willing to believe that you can have incredible results, willing to invest, willing to be bold enough to stand up and say “I want this, this is why I want it, and I’m going to have it – my life is only going one way. My way.”

Ryan Mathie’s first solo book, High-Performing Coach: How to Create High-Fee Clients & Build a Profitable Coaching Business from the Hear t is due to be published in early 2022. You can keep up to speed with what he is up to by following him on   Facebook .

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