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How the ‘Dream Team’ Continues to Be High-Performing

Have you ever wished you had an instruction book for success? Ryan Mathie, CEO, and Co-Founder of High-Performing Coach, certainly fits the bill for aspiring coaches. Successful in their own right, he and his partners share hard-earned knowledge and success tips with others who want shortcuts to successful coaching businesses. Many credentialed coaches don’t really know how to build a business, and one of the jewels High-Performing Coach can teach them is just that.

Mathie is proud of HPC principals Maxwell Nee, Adrian Shiel, and Tina Brigley. He refers to them as the Dream Team,

 “I am the star creator. Tina is the controller. Max is the supporter, and Adrian is the mechanic, making a perfect team!’   

Through years of professional growth, Ryan gained excellent coaching experience while working for reputable and successful coaching companies and had his own awakening experience. He says, 

“It was like a light bulb came on. I realized that I wasn’t as responsible and authentic as I should be. I was afraid of telling the truth and sharing myself. I needed more integrity and to focus on honoring myself. It was time to stand up for myself – what I wanted for my life, and how to make it happen.”

This epiphany marked a positive change of direction in Mathie’s journey.

Ryan spent two years doing deep inner work, cleaning up his relationships, and becoming more creative. He gained a great deal of experience coaching highly-educated, affluent clients and eventually opted to branch out independently. Although he initially accepted clients who needed help with various issues, Mathie began working with coaches, helping them with mindset, and with what became a recurring theme, developing the ability to sustain income. From this experience he realized the basic problem for coaches is not knowing how to build a business, a skillset that Ryan had personally mastered.  

Ryan says,

“So many coaches complete training accreditation, and those programs touch on marketing without really preparing them for the world of business and entrepreneurship. Most have never run a business, and even if they had, a coaching business is unique. Even people who won’t blink at spending thousands on material possessions can be very uncomfortable spending money on self-development. Many coaches don’t know how to attract and retain clients. One mistake new coaches make is retaining a marketer before they are fully capable of coaching and creating clients. High-Performing Coach offers a deep and powerful training process that develops coaches, which includes teaching them how to create a client and engage in powerful coaching conversations with them. We show them what works, which is to be direct and work from an empowering place. We aren’t at all teaching them to force, push, chase, or hustle. We show them how to get committed to the difference they want to make and follow through in making that difference. When you give value to a client, they want more.” 

When the Dream Team began partnering together, they followed Mathie’s business model.  Their focus was on helping coaches with mindset, showing them how to be better coaches, and how to create and maintain a strong client base. In short order, their own firm’s income quadrupled, and astounding numbers of clients also reported significant income increases. The business model has been successful for HPC and the coaches they have trained.

Ryan’s personal life also took a turn for the better –  he met someone, fell in love, and along with a large number of blessings came a new set of relationship challenges. He says,

“It was humbling to be so challenged.”

In the midst of challenges, Ryan’s modus operandi is digging deep and finding solutions and never ever giving up.

In the midst of all of this, Mathie has written a book, High-Performing Coach – How to Create High-Fee Clients & Build a Profitable Coaching Business from the Heart, with an anticipated publication date in early 2022. It will cover five essential elements: unshakable belief, business foundations, the breakthrough process, the importance of accountability, and success stories.   It will introduce people to the concept of being “the real deal” in their businesses, not only telling others how to do something, but doing everything that you ask of your client, not just once, but repeatedly. Coaches can be good at standing for their clients to face fears and spend money, but often fall short in their own lives. Ryan says, 

“Be willing to put your money where your mouth is. Hire the best experts because you are worth it! Demonstrate to your clients that you are willing to deal with your own limits. This is what makes you great!”

Mathie wrote the book because he knows coaches will gain a lot from finding out about what it really means to be a High-Performing Coach. HPC has a proud track record and a wealth of knowledge to share about building a business and becoming a stronger, more conscious and altogether better human being.

Need help developing unshakable belief in yourself or a good read that includes sound business principles every ambitious coach needs to know? Ryan Mathie is your man, someone who will give it to you straight, from his heart to yours, to remind you of who you really are and what you are capable of (anything!). We can all benefit from his challenge to consider ourselves worthy of whatever we truly want in our lives, and engaging the Dream Team at High-Performing Coach definitely will show you how! You are only one click away from finding out about HPC’s Launch and Mastery Programs.

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