No Conversation, No Business: How to Gain Confidence and Thrive as a Coach in 2022

Hong Kong, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As an author, coach, and expert in personal and professional development, High-Performing Coach co-founder Ryan Mathie has worked with thousands of coaches around the world, empowering them to build their businesses and increase their income.

With a wealth of industry experience, he knows the exact steps coaches should take to grow their brand and their business. And most of those steps can be taken immediately, without the need for a fancy, expensive website, big social media following, or significant financial investments.

The secret is actually far simpler – you need to talk more.

“I’ve been a coach for 11 years, we absolutely love to make a difference with people, we love to have conversations that lead people to feel free and empowered, we love to thrive and are so determined to thrive so that we can help our clients do the same” Mathie says. “And the challenge is, how do I do that?”

Unfortunately, too many coaches – particularly those who are new to the industry – spend a lot of their time, energy, and effort on things that are less effective.

“A brand-new coach might get enamored by logos and branding, business cards, admin, busy work. Believing they need a website, they might invest a lot of time and energy there, launch it and wait, posting fancy quotes – more waiting.” Mathie says. “When a coach has never built a successful coaching business before and no one has effectively shown them how, it makes sense they simply won’t know what the best approach is, leaving them in learning by trial and error, reinventing the wheel. I know it all too well – been there.”

There is great value in having a website, and there is value in creating a social media following and developing a content strategy – when these things are done well and done consistently, they really work – online influence is an essential element to building your business. However, it’s just one strategy and it’s more of a passive tactic. If you want to grow your business in a more immediate way, you have to be more bold. And that means starting the conversation.

“I encourage Coaches to see everybody as a potential client and by client I mean someone they could make a difference to,” Mathie says. “And when you come from the difference you want to make and let that influence you, you’re flooded with energy, fears melt away and you are compelled to do a lot more than just wait, you feel drawn to start a conversation.”

At High-Performing Coach, Mathie trains and develops coaches in a specific process that breaks the conversation down into easy steps: Connect, Invite, Enroll, Offer, Breakthrough. Mathie calls it the Breakthrough Process.

“We connect with somebody by seeing what they’re up to, what they are creating, what inspires them and what they’re challenged by in bringing all that to life, determining if we can help them in some way,” Mathie says. “If we feel we can help them, we invite them to have a session so they can experience what coaching is about. In that session we show up in such a powerful way like it could be the most important conversation of that personal life, and we do what we love to do the most – coach. Helping our clients get present with a vision for their life is a crucial part of that conversation, leaving them inspired and believing more than ever that they can have it, can change a person’s life – this is enrollment.

Feeling good about the connection with our client and trusting that we can help them bring it all to life, we can offer our coaching program.

“And then, if necessary, we help people have a breakthrough by having the client choose to say yes – because when the client says yes, what they are actually saying yes to is their life. How do you do that? Simple – coach them.”

For many new coaches, they are so focused on building their business and learning all the things they need to learn along the way, that they can often lose sight of the reason they are in the industry in the first place – to help other people. And they forget one other step that could help them truly thrive in their coaching business.

Coaches, Mathie says, including the successful ones, can benefit from coaching as well.

“This might seem obvious to coaches but you’d be surprised how many of them don’t have a coach themselves in spite of the fact they are struggling”, Mathie says. “They are trying to work it out on their own, maybe watching free videos, reading content online, reading books – which is all great, but that is nothing like what is available when you are in a deep and focused coaching conversation and transformational environment.”

That is where Mathie is at his best. By working directly with new and experienced coaches, he helps them overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from growing their business and empowers them to unlock their full potential.

“But it all starts with the coach,” he says. “You have to believe that you are going to succeed, and you must have the drive to pursue your dreams even in the midst of challenges. By doing this, you get all you need to help your clients do the same. Unfortunately, many new coaches allow doubt, fear, and money to keep them from making progress but it doesnt need to be that way”.

“It is the same type of reasoning that they’re own clients will often use”, Mathie says. “Often, people get stuck on the money. It’s incredible how many people use money as an excuse for not going after whatever they want in their life.” But as Mathie repeats many times to coaches and clients, it is never about the money.

“It is never, ever, ever about the money,” Mathie says. “It is always about the conversation the clients are having in their own mind with themselves. They tell themselves, this is probably going to fail, and I’m going to lose this money, so I’m not going to take the risk. If you’re telling yourself that you already failed anyway, the money is just a smoke screen to cover up all this fear and doubt, using money becomes an easy way to avoid telling the truth.

“But if you tell yourself that you can do it, if you trust and believe in yourself – those are the ones who are successful. The secret is all found inside what we tell ourselves and getting honest and rigorous about that.”

For Mathie, that is why coaching is so vital – especially in today’s world. A great coach can inspire the clients and equip them with the tools they need to be successful in business and in life.

And if you want to build a business for yourself, it starts with that belief. From there, it is all a matter of sharing your experience and your story with others, so they can learn how to incorporate the same techniques into their lives and move more freely and powerfully in their journey through life.

“At High-Performing Coach, our vision is that personal development in all forms becomes as indispensable as running water and WiFi in every home business, hospital, and school”, Mathie says. Our mission is to help those coaches that we’re training, so that they are equipped to go into those homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools and bring their gifts. So, coaches are our partners in transformation – we couldn’t be more satisfied with all that”.

“For me, the real heroes are them, coaches, our clients, the ones who are willing to believe in themselves and trust themselves, the ones who are willing to take these actions. They are the true heroes.”

An inspiring final thought, from an inspiring bold leader.

Ryan Mathie is a Scottish author, coach, and expert in personal and professional development who is best known for helping new and ambitious coaches build their businesses as the Co-Founder and CEO of ‘High-Performing Coach’ since 2019.

Ryan’s talent is found in his ability to lead people, grow teams, and build communities, sharing his wisdom and depth of understanding of the mind, human behavior, and what it really takes to create results.

To learn more about Ryan Mathie and High Performing Coach, please visit today.

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