How Aspiring Coaches Are Making 5-Figures Plus Every Single Month, Serving Clients They Love, Overcoming Their Limiting Beliefs, And Building a Thriving Online Business…

...Without a fancy website, business cards, or paying through the nose on ad spend.


It's don't need to build fancy funnels or to pay out hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month for ads, in order to have a successful coaching business.

I’ll share what you do need to do in just a minute. 

But first, let me ask you this - Do you ever say to yourself:

“I’m worried I'm not good enough to be a coach and Serve Clients” 

If so, I understand.

I speak to so many people who want to be coaches and would be amazing at it, but they’re just not sure they have what it takes.

Maybe they lack confidence …

Maybe they’re concerned they need to be a great marketer …

Or perhaps they’re just stressed out about the fact they don’t know whether or not they can help people.

And it’s made even worse by all the “gurus” around, telling you how to make 6 figures investing heavily into paid ads, it's hard to know who to trust.

But here's the thing...

People need you, and they need you to show up for them.

They don't care about a website, how many years you've got under your belt, overpriced qualifications, or any of that.

They just want you to help them have a breakthrough, and serve them powerfully.

And anyone with a passion for coaching and helping people can do that.

What’s more -

Genuinely Serving People Can Change Your Life…

We've seen coaches go from having zero clients to 5-figure months in just a few weeks.

People who struggled with undercharging, or even asking clients for money at all, to confidently enroll high-paying clients at higher fees, 100% ethically.

And even men and women who’d completely given up on their dreams of being a coach… 

They’ve been able to leave their job in as little as 90 days, and go all-in on their high-paying, high-impact coaching business leaving them feeling fulfilled.

See, the reason most aspiring coaches stay stuck where they are is down to one thing:

They Struggle with Limiting beliefs.

Beliefs like -

"I'm worried my services aren't good enough"

"I don't have enough experience to help clients.” 

"I'm scared to ask anyone for money, or that they might think I’m too expensive.”

But when you get over these limiting beliefs, guess what happens next?

Magic happens.

You’ll start having powerful and meaningful conversations…

Develop unshakeable belief...

While connecting with potential clients who are ready to bite your arm off to work with you.

Just like these guys …

Apply to schedule a call with our team and explore if Launch is a fit for you.


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Apply to schedule a call with our team and explore if Launch is a fit for you.

Let me ask you - Where do YOU want to be 6 months from now? 

If the answers are similar to:  

“Not stuck in my dead-end 9-5 job and doing something more fulfilling, that brings me joy”

“To be free of money worries, and the stress and anxiety of not being able to pay my bills”

“To have more time to spend with my family, because I’m afraid right now, I’m so disconnected from them.”

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Because that’s exactly what we break down together and build upon.

So you can build the coaching business you dream about while waking up each morning feeling fulfilled, ready to serve, and make a difference to the world.

Just picture for a moment what that could mean to you...

  • To wake up each morning with a huge smile because you're about to show up for your clients with confidence, knowing you can serve them powerfully 
  • Having more security and peace of mind because your online business is thriving with clients you love working with.
  • To finally quit your job that doesn't serve you, and leaves you questioning if you’re really making a difference in the world.
  • To be able to ethically charge £500, £1,000, or even £2,000 + for coaching packages, because you’re genuinely creating life-changing transformations.
  • And having clients telling you how much you've changed their life, and they can't thank you enough.

But most importantly, knowing you're serving your clients powerfully with total confidence.

Well, that's all possible with Launch!

LAUNCH is a program for aspiring coaches looking to free themselves from their limiting beliefs so they can go out there and create a true impact.

LAUNCH is perfect if you’ve been feeling lost, don’t know where to begin, or know deep down in your heart you have something valuable to share…

If you’ve been looking for the answer to finally build an ethical, powerful, and thriving coaching business that gives you security and peace of mind…

If when you close your eyes and imagine clients thanking you because you’ve completely transformed their life you light up and feel butterflies.

Then Launch is the program for you. 

Apply to schedule a call with our team and explore if Launch is a fit for you.



If you’re looking to take what you love and grow it into a coaching business, we provide you with all the  tools and strategies needed to make that happen while leaving no rock unturned - we want you to make an impact, and we will help you make that a reality.

Everything we teach is simple. No complicated tech. No complex new skills to learn. And everything can be done on the side of a 9-to-5 job or with a busy family life .


All of your success (or lack of it) stems from your beliefs. When you really understand what your limiting beliefs are, how you can break them down and how you can build new beliefs in their place, you will succeed. We train and coach you to do all of this and give you the tools you need to become unstoppable in your coaching business.


When you discover how to serve vs sell to potential clients, it’s an incredibly powerful way to get you results, FAST., Coaches who are too ‘‘pushy’ and ‘salesy’ always fail, yet these strategies are so often taught by other ‘experts.’. The key is to understand the true mindset of serving, and giving to potential clients without selling to them, 


Connect - Invite - Enrol - Offer - Breakthrough

The Performance of a Coach is a powerful coaching conversation that needs to be mastered so you can create real results in your coaching business.



The program is delivered through 10 live and fully interactive coaching and training sessions over 12 weeks including a dedicated training platform where you can access training geared towards you launching effectively. There will be a private support group and replays that you can access for life.

Sessions will be led in rotation by Ryan, Nina & Adrian. Plus, you'll get the amazing Greg Long as your accountability & results coach.

Ryan Mathie

Ryan Mathie - CEO of High Performing Coach

Ryan is a Personal & Professional Development Expert with over 14,000 hours of coaching across 10 years and helping over 1000s people reach their potential.

I'm on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs take the lid off their earning potential and make the difference they were born to make.

Adrian headshot

Adrian Sheil - CTO & LinkedIn Expert

Since leaving his 9-5 job in Sept 2015, Adrian has been working as a Digital Entrepreneur and coach ever since.  

I love the Personal Development World and I’m 100% dedicated to helping coaches, consultants, and service providers massively grow their businesses to make a positive impact in the world.

High Performing Coach

Nina de Sausmarez - Director of Breakthroughs

If there's one thing we at High Performing Coach do best, is this…to serve coaches just like you, who are passionate about making a bigger impact.   

After building my own 5-figure coaching business, I want to show the world (you) that anything can be possible.

Greg Long - Breakthrough Results Coach

Greg has coached hundreds of clients on growing a successful company. He will serve and challenge you to stay in your power while scaling your coaching business.

I’m passionate about uncovering what is in the way and empowering individuals to create a powerful future.

Apply to schedule a call with our team and explore if Launch is a fit for you.

Now let me ask you… 

What would it mean to escape those limiting beliefs that trap you from moving forward?  

And not only that, but if you could leave behind the fear of "not being good enough"  

To having high paying clients. 

And to feel grounded, anchored and fully fulfilled. 

Knowing you're serving others, making a difference to their lives, AND earning an amazing income for you and your family too?  

Really think about that for a moment. 

Because right now, you have two options

Option 1 is to close this page, go back to doing what you’ve tried before, hoping things will just change on their own but be in the same exact spot in 12 months’ time and thinking “Why has nothing changed for me”.

Option 2 is the fulfillment move -

You decide that enough is enough and that you finally want a guaranteed way to have a thriving online business that brings you joy. 

You want to wake up excited every morning and feel proud at the end of each day. You want to never worry about getting new clients, because you have a proven process for a consistent stream of people who need your help, and are ready to pay for it. And you want to invest in your growth, happiness, and security.

 That choice is yours.

Apply to schedule a call with our team and explore if Launch is a fit for you.

As a final reminder, here’s what you get with Launch.  

  • The most effective way to grow your business online using the power of conversation, and how a simple change in words can make the difference between getting a high-paying client, to losing one. 
  • The same step-by-step processes used by myself and clients who have gone on to generate up to 25k income in as little as 5 weeks after joining the program.
  • How to become truly unstoppable as a coach by discovering how you can break down the walls to money blocks and limiting beliefs that can stop your business from growing. 
  • The ‘magic’ way to close high-paying clients without selling to them, simply by understanding how to serve them powerfully. 

How to anchor down, and master the 4 foundations of what makes a powerful conversation while creating unimaginable results in your business.


This program is for coaches who:

  • are determined to help as many people as possible even though that might seem like a daunting or impossible task right now
  • might be thinking of slowing down their coaching business or stopping coaching altogether until the current crisis is over
  • are just starting out in their coaching business and are facing obstacles they just hadn't planned for and that they feel might stop them
  • are trying to grow their coaching business and need help to do that
  • want to learn what it really takes to launch a successful and sustainable coaching business


If you'd like to discuss this with us to make sure it's a fit for you then click the button below to schedule a call.


Ryan Mathie
Adrian headshot

Ryan Mathie

Nina de Sausmarez

Adrian Shiel

Greg Long