Why Understanding Your Personality Type Can Lead to Success in Your Coaching Business

Apart from being good fun to get some insight on yourself, the personality matrix is a simple but powerful method frequently used in business to help leaders become more successful by discovering their own personality type, but more importantly by understanding and knowing how to effectively communicate with other personality types.

Possessing these skills means that a person can empathise with and positively influence more people, which in turn can lead to greater success.

As a coach, by default, you're a leader. And to be successful in your coaching business you need to be able to lead your potential clients during your enrolment calls so that you can help them create an incredible vision for themselves and help them to see the benefit in working with you to make that vision a reality.

There are 4 major personality types that vary between dominant or easy-going on one axis and formal or informal on the other.

The more you fall towards the outside of the matrix, the more you tend towards the trait represented on that side of the axis.

Take the test now to find out your own personality type and once you know that, we'll help you to understand the personality types of your potential clients too.