From Frozen to Fully Booked

Nina liked to help people which was evidenced by her career as a teacher but she had never heard of coaching or self-development. She found herself feeling really lost in her 30s and started looking around for a way out. A friend recommended going to a High Performing Coach event. Rory’s words and the sense of community transformed her as a person.


Her previous life traumas and self-doubt kept her from ever wanting to excel or move up in life. Getting into coaching made her take big steps in life and that is all thanks to the team at High Performing Coach.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


Go to to reserve your spot to our 2-hour Free, Client Creation workshop. On this workshop you will discover the 5-step system that 800+ of our clients are using to create high-fee coaching clients from the heart, without complicated marketing funnels, paid ads, business cards or even a website.


This is a live, interactive workshop in which we will give you massive value! Click the link below to join us for free


Cheers to your success. 

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