How I Made It Happen with Maxwell Nee

Welcome to The High-Performing Coach Podcast which teaches Coaches, Authors and Speakers how to create an online high-fee coaching business from the heart, without websites or business cards. Tune in every week to coaching conversations that will give you strategies, tools and deep insights into how to create more freedom, impact and income in your business. 

Pauses and silences have been left in this conversation purposefully; within high-performing coaching sessions, the magic is often in the silence!

This week, something a little bit different as we are actually featuring Maxwell Nee, our CEO, who was interviewed by Samuel Donner on the Finding Founders Podcast.

In this episode, Max shares the story of how he quit his six-figure banking job to start his own business, which led to the creation of High Performing Coach.

In this episode you will hear:


  • How Max’s Malayasian-Chinese roots shaped how he showed up in school
  • An awakening moment from his childhood that helped him let go of attachment
  • How he misused the “fail forward” mindset as a student which led to laziness
  • How attending a wedding in Thailand inspired him to start a remote business
  • How he went from a 6-figure job in banking in Australia to sleeping on friends’ couches in Canada as an entrepreneur
  • How seeing a Facebook ad for a course and taking action enabled him to start making money online
  • How he created his first high-paying client from a Tinder date
  • How he met the co-founders of HPC and how it all started
  • Why HPC continued to thrive during the pandemic.


Listen here now:

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