Overcoming ‘Lack’ Mindset That Holds You Back with Jack Cootes

Welcome to The High-Performing Coach Podcast which teaches Coaches, Authors and Speakers how to create an online high-fee coaching business from the heart, without websites or business cards. Tune in every week to coaching conversations that will give you strategies, tools and deep insights into how to create more freedom, impact and income in your business. 

Pauses and silences have been left in this conversation purposefully; within high-performing coaching sessions, the magic is often in the silence!

This week  Maxwell talks to Jack Cootes who just started his own coaching business. Feeling stuck at the moment, Max helps Jack to realise that it’s his underlying belief that he is not good enough and a sense of competitiveness that is what is actually holding him back. Acknowledging that you work hard and understanding your worth allows you to see what you could have done – and can still do – in your life and there is a real shift in perspective by not coming from the place of lack. 

In this episode you will hear:

  • Overcoming self limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Why you should only compete with yourself
  • Stop letting other people judge your value
  • How to handle being angry at yourself
  • How to stop playing small

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