Shift your energy and change your reality with Alexis Nee

Welcome to The High-Performing Coach Podcast which teaches Coaches, Authors and Speakers how to create an online high-fee coaching business from the heart, without websites or business cards. Tune in every week to coaching conversations that will give you strategies, tools and deep insights into how to create more freedom, impact and income in your business. 

Pauses and silences have been left in this conversation purposefully; within high-performing coaching sessions, the magic is often in the silence!

This week Tina talks to Alexis Nee, a transformational coach and an energy healer. As a transformational coach, Alexis often found that many of her clients can’t really identify the root cause of their problems which is always just stuck energy. We can get disconnected from light and love, due to trauma, life stressors and other negative influences. With the right tools, everyone has the power to be their own healer. 

In this episode you will hear: 

  • How did you Alexis venture on the journey to become a transformational coach and energy healer
  • Start releasing the fear and the anger and the resentment
  • How to shift your energy
  • How to heal your inner self
  • Raising your emotional & spiritual vibration
  • Learn to love yourself to let go of the guilt

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