The Power Of Belief with Bertie Rodriguez 

In this episode Tina talks to coach Bertie Rodriguez and the conversation really dives in deeply to the subject of belief and believing in yourself. As Bertie shares, it was his own coach that inspired him to become a coach himself – even then he had to overcome limiting beliefs about his skill-set and capabilities, it was only when he truly invested in himself and started to truly back himself that he saw his results change. 

This show is seriously inspiring as Bertie shares how he had 3 months of living expenses to support himself and then he just jumped in with both feet… that was a year ago and his coaching business is flying. His transition from working for a Cryptocurrency business into being his own boss is something that will inspire and motivate in equal measure. 


As Bertie puts it, the stories you tell yourself will either empower you or keep you stuck, so it is time to shift your narrative! 

In this show you will hear:   

  • How Bertie’s coach inspired him to coach 
  • Why Bertie had been hiding for a long time 
  • The importance of knowing you are your ‘instrument’  
  • How paying for expertise is the fastest way to grow your business
  • If you don’t invest in yourself it shows doubt in yourself 

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