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Discover How Brand-New Coaches Are Signing Up $5k Clients

And Delivering Massive Breakthroughs Every Week

(And You Can Do The Same!)

100% from the HEART, without a FB Page, Social Ads, or any of the usual, generic, hit-and-hope client-getting strategies…


19 November 2021


Big things can happen after just one day with us


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "High-Performing Coach workshop is everything I needed as a Coach and more. They say a coach needs a coach well this workshop is the ideal opener for their training in HPC. The breakthroughs and discussions held in this workshop exceeded my expectations. I saw great coaching! I was able to reaffirm my willingness to believe in myself and my clients. Now let's go and coach!"

- Ada Malave


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Amazing work! I found the daily workshop to be one of the most professional I have ever participated in. I really like the flow, how open they are about how they do their job, and how much they are actually providing. I like the way they break down the work and how on point and straightforward they are."

- Iiyeree Stathopoulou


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I thought the Event was amazing, the breakout rooms were awesome, the content was on point. Ryan is a great example of how to help people have breakthroughs."

- Brandon Russell

Dear future High-Performing Coach!

I’ve got a little secret for you…

Your business and your life will change on November 19.

This is the day you’ll get the complete toolkit to build a coaching business that can deliver all the clients, time, wealth, income, and impact you could ever desire.

Ryan Mathie

If you want your coaching to help as many people as people, and leave a legacy, you’re in the right place.

It’s a massive call, I know, but we’ve helped hundreds of coaches do exactly that.

All of it flows from our One-Day Intensive Online Workshop.

But before we get to that, let’s address the elephant in the room…

Most coaches are broke and frustrated.

55% of coaches we’ve surveyed barely scrape $1k/month.

76% are stuck making less than $2k/month.

This is poverty in a $3 BILLION industry.

ALL of them want to make a difference in this world.

NONE of them know how to achieve it.

No clients. No impact.

Slick coaching “Goo-Roos” gurus bombard you with different client-getting strategies in their “silver bullet” courses.

The result?

A chronic case of Imposter Syndrome..

Feeling lost and overwhelmed…

As you get zero responses to the latest blog post you spent hours crafting... 


The team here at High-Performing Coach hit differently.

There’s a simpler way to quickly find clients and build your coaching business.

One that’s fuelled by integrity, compassion, and authenticity.

By the way, it WON’T cost you anywhere near the classic $997 to find out how to do this.

Having built multiple 6-and-7 figure coaching businesses - from scratch - myself, I know a thing or two about breaking people into the top 5% of coaches who are earning what their worth and changing the world, one high-paying client at a time.

(Side note: Everything the “Goo-Roos” have told you is wrong.)

If you're worried about getting burned by business coaches that promise the world and deliver nothing…

But you also don't have the time or the patience to invest months (maybe years) “getting the word out” or “building a following” on social media…

Then our One-Day Online Intensive Workshop is the simple, effective, sustainable coaching business blueprint you’ve been looking for.


Ryan Mathie

What would your business be like if you knew how to create high-fee coaching clients consistently?

On Friday, 19th November, you’re invited to a very special online event that has the potential to transform your coaching business.

Welcome to our One-Day Online Intensive Workshop, where you’ll discover:

  • How brand-new coaches are enrolling clients in $5,000+ coaching programs like clockwork - and delivering MASSIVE breakthroughs - WITHOUT spending months blogging, vlogging, or ‘building a following’.
  • The secret to easily building a platform of authority and influence on social media that acts like a “Bat Signal” to your ideal clients, allowing you to effortlessly grow and dominate your market.
  • The smartest place to be investing your time and energy so you can find more clients and grow your purpose-driven business right now (and I’m not talking about tired old tactics like networking events, building your website, or writing eBooks. This is so much faster and more authentic).
  • The hidden reason coaches burn out and have to go back to their 9-5 job.
  • The most effective client creation strategy… Of. All. Time. If the word “sales” sends a cold trickle of sweat down your spine, we use to create a predictable flow of high-fee clients in our online Coaching Business.
  • And so much more...

Are you driven by a deep sense of purpose and feel a calling to build something bigger than yourself?

Do you want to impact people’s lives through your Coaching, Mentoring, Thought Leadership, and Expertise?

To leave a mark on this world and the lives of all your clients?

You can do this. We’ve got you.

Together, at our One-Day Online Intensive Workshop, we’ll plot your path to transforming you into a successful, heart-driven coach and business owner.


Ryan Mathie has been helping people with Personal and Professional Development for 10+ years.

Ryan is an Author, Mentor, Coach, Recycler, and a dog lover.

He 's on a mission to help purpose-driven coaches, like you, take the lid off their earning potential and make the impact they were born to make.

See what coaches have to say about participating in our full-day workshop

(You Know… Apart From Discovering How To Touch More Lives And Have More Clients Than Ever Before)

The sessions in this workshop are structured around my proven 5-step process for creating high-fee coaching clients consistently:  CONNECT, INVITE, ENROL, OFFER & BREAKTHROUGH.

Follow this formula and you’ll see that finding and signing committed clients is no longer a mystery… it’s a CERTAINTY. Here’s the full rundown for November 19…

Morning Sessions

Session 1 - CONNECT & INVITE

“Where do I find clients?” is the question every single coach asks me.

The answer? They’re literally ALL around you!

The skill is in knowing how to identify and connect with them in a way that feels genuine, logical, and from the heart.

In this session, we will explore how you’ll connect online with your ideal client from a place of real curiosity…

How to open a conversation…

And how to shift that conversation in such a natural way that inviting them to have a discovery coaching session with you makes perfect sense.

You’ll also learn the #1 mistake nearly all coaches make after they've invited someone to a coaching call (and how to avoid it).

Session 2 - ENROL

Everybody has hopes and dreams.

The thing holding most people back from chasing those dreams is themselves… The negative stories in their head that confirm a better life isn’t possible.

Defeating this internal objection is Step 1 as a coach.

No client will go with you unless they believe you’re the trusted guide who can carry them up the mountain and deliver them to their dream life.

Get your potential client believing that a bigger vision of their lives is a real, tangible prospect that can be achieved - through dedication and consistent coaching - and they will commit to you.

In this session, you’ll experience a live demonstration of what it looks like to ENROLL a person into a bigger version of themselves, their life or their business.

Understanding this process, and executing it well, eliminates all the fear and ickiness out of asking people if they would like to work with you.

In fact, the only question you’ll hear from your prospects is: “When can we start?

Afternoon Sessions

Session 3 - OFFER

Offering your services to someone who truly needs your help should be an easy thing. You should feel proud and strong about what you’re doing and how you can impact their life.

Sadly, for most coaches, the offer is where they lose the client and never hear from them again.

Making an offer does NOT mean going into used car salesman mode.

If you’ve Connected, Invited, and Enrolled your prospect the way we’re going to show you, making the offer is as simple as following these 3 steps:

A. Process. B. Delivery. C. Investment.

Address all 3 with clarity, confidence and compassion, and signing up for your program becomes a “No Brainer” for your prospect.


“The Money Conversation.”

Your coaching business lives or dies on the success of your ability to handle this.

It is, in large part, why so many coaches struggle.

Until now.

Inside this session, you’re going to see how simple it can be to bridge your prospect’s mental gap from “I need help” to “I’m excited about paying you to work with me”.

This has NOTHING to do with sales. It won’t feel like a sales call at all.

What you’ll discover is a simple process that, first if all, reinforces your prospect’s belief that you can help them achieve their goals

Then, through a handful of small, non-confrontational questions, seamlessly transitions the conversation to a place where your prospect is excited to hear your offer.

When you enter this conversation from a place of intention, transparency, and authenticity, your prospects will naturally lean in with a desire to move forward with you.

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Full Day Workshop


This workshop is for high-performing leaders and coaches:

  • who have a track record of success and used to earn $100K+/year in their corporate job or business
  • who are committed to becoming one of the 4% of coaches who earn $10K+ a month from their coaching business
  • who are used to feeling the fear and do it anyway
  • want to learn what it really takes to grow their coaching business from coaches who have done it before.

We have SOLD OUT 12x Workshops in the last 12-months

We believe in making an impact in everything we do - proceeds from every ticket sold for this workshop go towards providing e-Learning to a child in rural India.

Together, we are introducing to him or her the latest technology for effective learning!

This Online Workshop has limited spaces as it is designed to be live and interactive.

We are creating a movement of High-Performing Coaches.

Would you like to join?


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Ryan Mathie

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