Janey Lorimer

I have worked with the team from High-Performing Coach for the last eleven weeks, and it was just what myself and Co-Coaches were looking for. Ryan, Tina, Max and Adrian have created a professional, empathic and authentic team of coaches, who not only coached me, but taught me so much about how to launch my own coaching business. They held me accountable every week and knew where myself and my course colleagues would be stuck, as the course progressed. Their weekly coaching sessions not only nailed the emotional roller coaster we were all going through, but gave us all a breakthrough, which lifted and inspired us to all move forward with passion for the job that we all love. This is the best thing I have done for my coaching career and to finish with the workshop on Friday, which included Marissa Peer, was so spot on. They all shared so many golden nuggets with us, the value they provide is without question. I would totally recommend this team to work with and thank them for their love and support on my journey. Janey Lorimer