Over and over again...

  Everything we do gives back in ways that really change lives, thanks to our partnership with B1G1 (www.B1G1.com).  

Right now we are giving a million days of e-learning education to children in India… We aim to have achieved this by the end of 2019 (if not sooner!).  

Once we reach our goal our Community will then help us choose a new way that we can give a million more impacts.  

And on and on we will play…  

We believe that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday activities.  

"One Million Impacts. Repeat." is a simple but powerful example of how together we can end global poverty and change the world, for good.


MoreCommittedClients.com is…  

A business with real purpose: We help you to grow your purpose-driven Coaching, Consulting or Service business - so that together, we can really make an enormous difference in our world.  

We extend that impact by making sure that everything we do gives back in ways that really change lives, thanks to our partnership with B1G1 (www.B1G1.com)  

How do we do that? By understanding there are 3 key challenges Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers experience:

  • They are frustrated because their clients don't show up committed to do the work required to get results.
  • They struggle to grow their businesses and deep-down know they are undervaluing themselves by exchanging time for money.  
  • They are exhausted with blogging, YouTubing, posting on Instagram, and sharing inspiring quotes on LinkedIn because it simply isn't working and is just draining their time.

To solve these frustrations we offer a complimentary 45-minute breakthrough session that gets you crystal clear on 3 things:  

  • How to attract high-value clients who show up committed, ready to work with you and transform their lives.
  • How to leverage your time and deliver enormous value to your clients, improving their results at the same time.
  • How to establish yourself as an absolute authority and key person of influence in your niche so you won't be chasing them forever - they will be chasing you.  

On the call, if we genuinely believe we are the best people to help you to make massively growing your business a reality - we will tell you exactly how we can help.  

If we cannot help you - that’s perfect. You can cross us off your list, and we will do everything we can to point you in the right direction!  

Sounds interesting? Then click the button below to find out more. You need to watch our training first to really understand if we are the right solution fo you. If that's the case then follow the next step and book a call with us.

We think you’ll be genuinely surprised by what you discover...