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Once You Get Used to High-Fee Coaching, You’ll Never Go Back
You started coaching because you love coaching people. Not because you wanted to get stuck behind your computer screen.
But so many coach marketing trainings out there tell you, you need to master new marketing technology first. That’s the last thing you want!
You didn’t get into this business to spend your days wrangling tech, deciphering website code, and optimizing marketing funnels.
You got into this business to help people, not hide behind a computer.
And at High-Performing Coach, that’s exactly what we help you focus on:
Earning more money by helping more people… without the tech hassles.
That’s Why We Teach You “Low-Tech, High-Fee.”
You don’t need to learn Internet marketing to become a highly paid coach. All you need to do is get really good at building authentic relationships with high-fee clients.
With the income from the high-fees, you can pay someone else to do every other part of your business.
It’s that simple. Focus on quality over quantity! We teach you how.
At High-Performing Coach, our mission is: to serve the evolution of the human race by empowering coaches to transform the world.
That’s what we focus on real, authentic, human connection and conversation as the centerpiece of your coaching business.

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Once you reserve your workshop place you’ll receive a 7-part video training series that will show you the fundamentals of growing your coaching business.
To get the most out of this workshop we strongly recommend that you work through all of the content so you’re best prepared (time permitting).
The videos will walk you through the key strategies you need to create committed, high-paying clients effectively and reliably in your coaching business.
During the live session Maxwell or Tina will help you with any questions or blocks you have related to growing your coaching business and will give you live coaching on how to move forwards if you are open to it.
If this is the first online workshop you book with us, we also have a gift for you. You’ll receive a bonus 1-to-1 Coaching Call with our team to help you get even more clarity on what you need to do next to build your coaching business.


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The principles in this course are exactly what Americans need right now.

“During the turbulent summer of 2020, the Theory of Enchantment course was the one thing that kept me from sliding into hatred and fear of others. The principles in this course are exactly what Americans need right now. They teach us how to build connections, communicate across divides, and work towards our goals in a spirit of love.”

Laura Freeburn

Individual User, Online Course

Her workshops are so powerful that you can’t forget what you learned.

“This workshop provided me with a deeper understanding of the human condition and human kind. Chloé uses a holistic approach to understanding racism and practicing antiracism. Her workshops are so powerful that you can’t forget what you learned.”

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Team Lead, C / O Architects

After engaging in this session, I left with a new sense of hope in how to foster relationships with all kinds of people.

“By learning about my coworkers, my own self-awareness grew. I learned to empathize with those of opposing opinions by focusing on neurological triggers. After engaging in this session, I left with a new sense of hope in how to foster relationships with all kinds of people.”

Rachel Bascombe

Employee, C / O Architects

We Went

Stone Age...

Learn how we made a once-failing business highly-profitable simply by ditching fancy digital marketing and focusing on old-school connections and authentic conversations.
And learn how one of our first clients–now our head coach Tina–went from $10,000 a year to $100,000 after just 4 months of following this method.

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