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Episode 43

How to resuscitate your coaching biz in just 7 DAYS

If your business is flatlining and you’re struggling for clients right now, you can’t afford to miss this week’s podcast. In just a few fast and value-packed...

Episode 42

The 5 Steps For Ultimate Success in 2023

One of the most difficult challenges for a business owner or a coach is to stay focused and avoid distractions. Distractions can be anything from social media...

Episode 41

From Frozen to Fully Booked

Nina liked to help people which was evidenced by her career as a teacher but she had never heard of coaching or self-development. She found herself feeling...

Episode 40

Make your mindset recession proof

Joel tells us exactly what to do to deal with the coming recession. He gives 6 tips on how to train your mindset to deal with the...

Episode 39

How I defeat my fear (and help my clients do the same)

Fear is natural and it keeps people stuck for years. This week, Ryan dives into his process for defeating fear in his life so you can get...

Episode 38

How alignment makes life fall into place (and helps businesses GROW!)

What happens when you achieve everyone’s definition of “success” and realise it’s not what you want? This week Joel talks to a rockstar coach about the importance...

Episode 37

Going Deeper into yourself so your clients can do the same

So many coaches, even a lot of great ones, never go deeper. Deeper into themselves, becoming aware of and confronting their demons, and breaking through so they...

Episode 36

How to Crush Fear & Stress By Building Up Your Mental Fitness

Your brain is a muscle and it’s time to BULK UP! This week Joel chats to coach, author, and TEDx speaker Lisa Hammett about how to go...

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