If you want to turn your passion for coaching into a sustainable business as quickly as possible- You’ve come to the right place.
Done for you strategies are out dated- done with you strategies create sustainability. You’re one decision away from turning your hobby into a lifestyle.

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Free Live Weekly Workshops

Looking for tools and strategies to get your coaching business to the next level? These workshops are sure to add tools to your coaching tool box.
Plus, learn our 3 C’s Process and the 6 business strategies that are pivotal in mastering to grow a sustainable business.


This is where we walk you through the coaching business strategies and partner with you to grow a sustainable coaching business without guessing and years of trial and error. We did the heavy lifting so you can focus on the income producing activities that make an impact in your life and the life of your clients.
Learn how to master the 3 C’s so you won’t have to worry about where your next client is coming from.

Let’s get to know
each other…

Our FREE value packed weekly workshop is the perfect place to discover if our strategies are the right fit for your business needs.

Build a 6-Figure Coaching Business With
Impact, Freedom, and 100% Heart

Register for a FREE intimate and interactive WORKSHOP.

You Will Discover:

This Workshop Is Ideal for Coaches Who:


How Grow a Thriving Coaching Business Without Wasting Your Hard Earned Money on “Guru Hype” and Adopt a System That Works!

Without a FB page, complicated marketing funnels, best-selling book, or even a website

With the GROW Program you will get:

At the completion of GROW you will:

Have a sustainable Coaching business

The Distinctions of GROW:








Sustainable Business

High-Performing Coach Google Reviews

5.0 rating out of 204 reviews

Carrie Mayes

The blueprint for powerful coaching. The team at HPC are fully present for their clients, they truly stand for each and every one of them. They deliver on their promises…

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7 months ago

Ugo NdR

professional, generous, very valuable experience

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8 months ago

Diane Parker

I joined HPC in April on their Launch programme and part of that is an invitation to joining their workshops. I have just attended one on Creating Workshops, and I…

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8 months ago

Tom White

I've just attended a 1 day workshop with High Performing Coach about 'Launching and selling out my online workshops'. It was such a great mix of advice and logistics delivered…

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8 months ago

Sruti Kanabar

During the period where it is so easy to get zoomed out this has been one of the most valuable and meaningful workshops I have attended lately. The content is…

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8 months ago

Caro Jaramillo

Loved it! I can't recommend this enough! The 12-week Launch program is exactly what every coach wanting to grow their business and keep moving forward on her/his journey of self-development…

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8 months ago

Al Jiggins

I did the Launch and SELL OUT my ONLINE Coaching Workshops Online Workshop. I have been to many workshops with HPC, and they continually raise the bar and offer massive…

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8 months ago

Michaela Bosquet

Such a privilege to be a part of this amazing family of high performing coaches. They always deliver at the highest level and imho are unparalleled in the arena of…

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9 months ago

Thulani Mbana

This was such an amazing experience through and through. I think for me it was those breakthrough moments that I kept witnessing on people. It was so POWERFUL to watch.…

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10 months ago

Martin L Dunn

In the past two days I attended two free online workshops presented by High-Performing Coach and found them both to be incredibly insightful and empowering. Very impressed with the quality…

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10 months ago
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High-Performing Coach Google Reviews

5.0 rating out of 198 reviews