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Free Coaching Assessment

If you are ready to learn what it really takes to create High-Fee Clients, this is for you! In this free, fully interactive coaching assessment, you will discover the 5 Essential Elements to Launching & Growing a Profitable Business from the heart. Hint: its not waiting on referrals, building expensive websites, landing pages, podcasts or even aa best selling book! You will be present to the possibilities of creating high-feel clients and building the business of your wildest dreams.


This is where it all comes together, your passion, your determination, and what you were born to do – actualised. Learn and apply the most effective approach to creating high fee clients and building a sustainable business with velocity. Integrate the 5 essential elements and allow yourself and your message to be launched into the world. You will learn how to create clients, enrolling them into a vision for their life and empowering them to have a breakthrough to saying yes! You will become a better coach, a better entrepreneur, and a better human being.

Let’s get to know
each other…

Our free client creation workshop is the perfect starting point
to discover how to start enrolling your dream clients

Build a 6-Figure Coaching Business With
Impact, Freedom, and 100% Heart

Register for a FREE intimate and interactive WORKSHOP.

You Will Discover:

This Workshop Is Ideal for Coaches Who:

Join Us for a Deep, Transformational Dive in Our

World Renowned One Day Business Launch Pad

What you will learn:

A richer understanding into the 5 Essential
Elements of building a High-Fee Coaching
Business from the Heart

Join the One Day Launch Pad to Discover
How to create Your First High-Fee Client in 2 Weeks

On the day, we will dive deep into our 5-step process for creating clients:

INSIDE the GROW program You will discover

How to Build an Online, High-fee
Coaching Business - 100% from the Heart

Without a FB page, complicated marketing funnels, best-selling book, or even a website

With the Launch Program, you’ll get:

At the completion of Launch you’ll be a:


Have a Thriving Coaching Business



Unshakeable Belief


Business Foundations


Breakthrough Process


Online Authority


Accountability & Coaching



High-Performing Coach Google Reviews

5.0 rating out of 204 reviews

Paul Haxell

Its been a great experience - just what was needed. Helped me identify and overcome blocks that had been preventing progress

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a year ago

Veronique Cooper

This was a fabulous day. Some of it was repeat information for me but that is never a bad thing, in keeping with the "it takes listening 7 times for…

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a year ago

Nicola Heath

Fantastic value and insights from authentic people with great experiences!

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a year ago

Diane Boyko Achatz

Most people don't realize that coaches need coaches. We're human and we have limiting beliefs the same as anyone. The coaches at High-Performing Coach will get you unstuck, take you…

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a year ago

Michaela Bosquet Lambert

These guys are the REAL DEAL and I've learned so much about learning to show up and BE a coach and to stand in my value. I've spent the last…

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a year ago

Laura Walker

Working with HPC has been transformational. So much value! Highly recommended.

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a year ago

Mind Evolution Company

This was an outstanding workshop. The pure authenticity and value these guys offer is exceptional. Ryan, Tina, Adrian and Max are an amazing team and work on nothing but success…

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a year ago

laura krippner

Great program! Really well structured with a consistent clear message.

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a year ago

Ilze Spigule-Buijtenweg

I am a new coach and have been participating in several online challenges, but HPC nailed the missing part - the mindset upgrade! I cannot show the money yet, but…

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a year ago

Connie Kerali

An excellent one-day course that has opened my eyes to how to make a difference to my business and my life!! Thank you HPC Team!

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a month ago
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High-Performing Coach Google Reviews

5.0 rating out of 198 reviews