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Attend The Workshop And Claim Your Free Book

*We Pay For The Book, You Cover Shipping

Attend the workshop to claim your *free copy of Ryan Mathie’s (HPC co-founder) upcoming book, “How to Create High Fee Clients and Build a Profitable Business From the Heart”.

The book is coming in early 2022.


Start your 7-day Free Training

This video series introduces you to some of our best ideas, insights, and coaching around creating high-paying clients and what it really means to be a High-Performing Coach.

These training videos alone are transformational.

To get the most out of this workshop we strongly recommend that you work through all
of the content
so you’re best prepared.

However, depending on when you registered for the workshop, you may find you have less /
little / no time to review the training videos – no problem, you can do so after the event.

The main content is delivered during the workshop itself.

There are no recordings or playbacks and we start on time.
5 minutes after the event starts we’ll lock the room to avoid distractions
from people arriving late so please be ready a few minutes early just like
you would for a coaching call with a client.

You can watch the first training video below. After you watch
each video a button will appear that you can click to go
ahead and watch the next training video
in the series.

The remaining 6 training videos will also be sent to you
by email over the next 7 days. If you want to watch them
quicker, then click the link in each email and we will send
the next video to you by email
straight away.

Mark Your Calendar

We have sent you a calendar invite via email. Please accept it and clear your schedule to be able to attend this Live training and coaching session.

During this session, we will work with you on any blocks and your biggest challenges around building your business, while being able to generate income that is a match for the impact you make

BONUS: 1-to-1 Coaching Call

If you’re ready to learn the most effective strategies to build a 5-figure/month coaching business & if this is the first online workshop you have booked with us, we have a GIFT for you.

You’ll receive a bonus 1-to-1 Coaching Call with our team. You can book this one-time offer now or at the end of the workshop. Just click below.

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5.0 rating out of 198 reviews

Carrie Mayes

The blueprint for powerful coaching. The team at HPC are fully present for their clients, they truly stand for each and every one of them. They deliver on their promises…

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7 months ago

Ugo NdR

professional, generous, very valuable experience

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8 months ago

Diane Parker

I joined HPC in April on their Launch programme and part of that is an invitation to joining their workshops. I have just attended one on Creating Workshops, and I…

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8 months ago

Tom White

I've just attended a 1 day workshop with High Performing Coach about 'Launching and selling out my online workshops'. It was such a great mix of advice and logistics delivered…

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8 months ago

Sruti Kanabar

During the period where it is so easy to get zoomed out this has been one of the most valuable and meaningful workshops I have attended lately. The content is…

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8 months ago

Caro Jaramillo

Loved it! I can't recommend this enough! The 12-week Launch program is exactly what every coach wanting to grow their business and keep moving forward on her/his journey of self-development…

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8 months ago

Al Jiggins

I did the Launch and SELL OUT my ONLINE Coaching Workshops Online Workshop. I have been to many workshops with HPC, and they continually raise the bar and offer massive…

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8 months ago

Michaela Bosquet

Such a privilege to be a part of this amazing family of high performing coaches. They always deliver at the highest level and imho are unparalleled in the arena of…

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9 months ago

Thulani Mbana

This was such an amazing experience through and through. I think for me it was those breakthrough moments that I kept witnessing on people. It was so POWERFUL to watch.…

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10 months ago

Martin L Dunn

In the past two days I attended two free online workshops presented by High-Performing Coach and found them both to be incredibly insightful and empowering. Very impressed with the quality…

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10 months ago
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